Reporting test results to Treeherder

Many of the web and services automated tests at Mozilla run in Jenkins, and until recently our instance was public. This meant it was easy for both paid and volunteer contributors to discover test failures, file issues, and provide fixes either for the tests or the projects they serve. Unfortunately, just like any software, Jenkins has had some security vulnerabilities. Last year, one of these prompted us to remove public access to our instance.

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Jenkins pipeline walkthrough

I’ve recently been migrating Mozilla’s traditional Jenkins jobs for functional UI testing of our web properties into pipelines. The following describes some of the common features of these pipelines. I’ve included my reasons for these design choices, and highlighted limitations that I’m hoping will be resolved as pipelines evolve. I’ve also written a post on my thoughts on Jenkins pipelines and IRC notifications in Jenkins pipelines.

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IRC notifications from Jenkins pipelines

I’ve been migrating several of our Jenkins jobs to pipelines, and one of the challenges was preserving our IRC notifications whenever a build result changes. At this time, the IRC plugin for Jenkins doesn’t include support for pipelines, however it is still possible to trigger a notification using the sh step. The following snippet connects to and sends a build result notice to #fx-test-alerts:

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