IRC notifications from Jenkins pipelines

I’ve been migrating several of our Jenkins jobs to pipelines, and one of the challenges was preserving our IRC notifications whenever a build result changes. At this time, the IRC plugin for Jenkins doesn’t include support for pipelines, however it is still possible to trigger a notification using the sh step. The following snippet connects to and sends a build result notice to #fx-test-alerts:

def ircNotification(result) {
  def nick = "fxtest${BUILD_NUMBER}"
  def channel = '#fx-test-alerts'
  result = result.toUpperCase()
  def message = "Project ${JOB_NAME} build #${BUILD_NUMBER}: ${result}: ${BUILD_URL}"
  node {
    sh """
        echo NICK ${nick}
        echo USER ${nick} 8 * : ${nick}
        sleep 5
        echo "JOIN ${channel}"
        echo "NOTICE ${channel} :${message}"
        echo QUIT
        ) | openssl s_client -connect

Due to the lack of pipeline support in the IRC plugin, it’s not possible to maintain a persistent connection to IRC for these notifications. This means that if you have multiple builds finishing at the same time there may be clashes in the registering of the bot’s nick. This is why I’ve appended the build number to the desired nick, which reduces this risk.

I’ve found it necessary to include a short sleep after sending the NICK and USER commands, to avoid attempting to join the channel before the user is registered. Ideally, we’d wait for the appropriate response for each of these commands, but that’s not really possible with this approach.

In order to trigger these notifications based on the result of the build, it is currently necessary to use try/catch in your pipelines. This can add a lot of extra and rather unpleasant lines to your script, as you may want a try/catch around the entire build, specific stages, or even specific steps. I’ve decided to make a few compromises in order to keep our pipelines easier to maintain, so for now we’ll only have IRC notifications if a specific stage fails.

try {
  stage('Test') {
} catch(err) {
  currentBuild.result = 'FAILURE'
  throw err

The Pipeline Model Definition plugin provides a much improved way of defining notifications, without the need for try/catch, and the ability to trigger notification on various build results. I haven’t experimented much with this plugin as it’s still in beta, but the syntax is encouraging. An IRC notification on build result change should look something like:

pipeline {
  agent label: 'master'
  stages {
    stage('Test') {
  post {
     change {

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