• Lessons from mentoring

    Now that my first two mentoring experiences have come to an end, I wanted to reflect a little on the experience. Before I do, I want to say that I’m incredibly proud of what Justin and Ana were able to achieve this summer. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to mentor such talented, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals. I hope they feel they’ve learned something of value during their projects - I most certainly have!

  • A summer to mentor

    This summer I am mentoring Justin Potts – a university intern working on improving Mozilla’s add-ons related test automation, and Ana Ribeiro – an Outreachy participant working on enhancing the pytest-html plugin.

  • Experimenting with Jekyll

    I’ve decided that Wordpress is really overkill for what I need, so I’m going to experiment with using Jekyll with GitHub Pages to maintain a simple blog using Markdown. The idea of Blogging Like a Hacker certainly appeals to me, and if this experiment is successful I will likely migrate previous blogs into this one over time.